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Native Seattleite, 28 years & continuing, makes theater and art and a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich. Industries include education admin, freelance editing, and being a magician's assistant. Pipistrella felix is a corruption of the Latin for "happy bat."

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I am about to head off to meet Philip and Katie for happy hour (YAY), which would certainly be on this list if it had happened yet—so instead I’ll look forward to that, and then appreciate all these things from the past week:
* Whedonesque: there is something about a nerdlesque audience that I just adore— they are so ready to go on that journey with you from the get-go. And opening Whedonesque this weekend was so fabulous— both amazing audiences, the energy, everyone’s gorgeous performances, dorking about backstage, the huge celebratory cake, just… everything. Ugh, my heart. Three more times + an epic afterparty shindig; let’s go misbehave this weekend. 
*Star Trek: the Sexed Generation rehearsals— so much fun with choreography, character, silly jokes, everyone being amazing. I’m so pleased to know that I’m coming off Whedonesque this weekend and I have Star Trek there to catch me— I’m sure I’ll have post-show blues, but they’ll be much better than they would otherwise be. Plus the dancing. I just. It’s so fun, you guys. And the script is so funny.
* Drunk Movie Night: With Morgan, Kimble, Kali and Courtney-who-needs-a-twitter, eating delicious foods, drinking three varieties of wine, watching and snarking at a terrible movie, and then laughing far too hard over Ylvis videos. Ugh, I love these ladies. This was probably the last DMN in Seattle with Kimble for a while… but we are already making plans for one in Chicago. Sarah, watch out. 
* & also: the lovely performances (and that aurora light cue) in Almost, Maine; watching Urinetown (and the gorgeous lighting) with the gent; learning new theater games with the YPP teachers; goat cheese, green tea, salad greens, fran’s iced chocolate, lemonade, couscous, and crockpot chicken; the library; talking to Tiffany on the train— she walked up and started chatting, and we had a conversation the whole way on the light rail, and then I left—random friendly train moments are rare but lovely; the kittens, oh my gosh those kittens, it’s real hard to do anything useful when they’re around; and finally: the gentleman, for taking good care of me when I don’t feel well, making me midnight grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Star Trek before bed. You’re the best, mister. 
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This week’s list of things I love, as I low-level vibrate in excited nerves for Whedonesque opening tonight:

* Kittens: oh gosh, kittens, I just… Ahren brought home two kittens about a week ago, two tiny grey fuzzballs of total energy and utter sleepiness, depending on which second you catch them in. They’re twins, Edgar Ouija and Touch Focus, although I have generally just referred to them as “hello monsters” as that is apparently my pet name for creatures I adore. I want to spend all my time at the boys’ house playing with these little beasts. Last night Miss T fell asleep on the couch next to me while we were all watching &@, and I carefully slid her up onto my chest where she continued to sleep, and then I very carefully walked into the bedroom and laid down and she slept either on me or next to me for nearly the entire night and my heart just melted. Ugh. Kittens.

* Whedonesque: rehearsal, tech, backstage with all the lovely lovely burlesquers, watching the acts (so good, so so good, there is some seriously amazing stuff about to happen on stage you guys), Jennifer’s program notes that made me tear up (about fandom and what matters); I’m pretty freaking proud of my act for this, and I am so excited to put it up in front of an audience tonight. And a little nervous. But mostly really, really excited.

* Bainbridge Island: the gentleman and I had a date to Bainbridge (belatedly, a four-year anniversary date; four years?!). I love ferry rides with the sea smell and the hilarious gulls overhead and the views of the totally gorgeous Puget Sound; I love wandering new places and poking around and exploring. We took a bus (and a bit of a wander down a highway) to the Bloedel Reserve, which became an hour of wandering around beautifully tended nature, most of it the kind of lush northwest woods I grew up running around every time I visited my grandpa; there was a beautiful reflecting lake, a glen, a Japanese garden. We had a picnic back downtown on the waterfront, with delicious goat cheese, spitting cherry pits into the bushes. We found a yarn & tea shop (was that created for me?), where I refrained from buying tea but gave into buying yarn. We went wine tasting at Island Vintners, which I now want to revisit over & over: two flights each of delicious wine, which were poured by the owner Sharon—who also owned one of the two featured wineries— whenever we finished each glass and wanted to wander back inside from the adorable out-back patio; a cheese plate, and then Sharon’s friend arrived with two cakes, a red wine chocolate cake and a pear pie, that he dished up and served us. Basically it was a perfect leisurely afternoon of gentle tipsiness. We topped it off with Guardians of the Galaxy and a terribly late ferry ride home, and then getting caught in the summer storm downpour at midnight and getting drenched. Happy anniversary, frogface.

* &etc: 14/48 Outdoors, which I nominally worked as a front of house manager, but really just enjoyed the hell out of, as usual; sewing with Erin — we’re ready to move onto the real cloth out of the muslin at last!; Tassel Talk, as ever the best way to begin a Saturday; Emily’s Taming of the Shrew, which was excellent; happy hour and zoeyogurt date with Patrick; backyard fire pit time at the &@ house.

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A flexible rapier made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain.

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girls don’t want boys. girls want well written female characters and a black widow movie


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I am currently ensconced in the Fancy Housesitting House, surrounded (somewhere) by three fluffy cats. Here’s another fortnight list, divided into sections…

* Shows I Saw: World’s End Burlesque, delightfully geeky (I love Sara Dipity and Al Lykya’s War act so hard; Whisper’s Dream was powerful as always, and Candy’s Death was adorable); Relentless! holy cats, what a show of amazing proportions and beautiful physicality, and, ugh, yes please more of everything; Julius Caesar: a lovely picnic with the excellent company of Emily, Jenny, Steven and Olivia, plus a top-notch cast of Seattle actors killing it onstage—all of whom were women. I loved most seeing so many talented women onstage at once, a sadly rare opportunity, because my god, when they’re all working together, instead of up against each other at auditions, they OWN IT. (Get on this, playwrights. Give us more plays to do this with); Attack of the Killer Murder… of Death! which is just about one of the funniest and best structured comedies with a huge nostalgia hit for me (and a good way to welcome the Schmee’s new space!); and finally, Balconies at Annex tonight, which was fun, and funny, and charmingly drenched in nerdiness (but for real, and it worked), and I enjoyed the hell out of.

* Shows I Worked On: The Cherry-Picked burlesque show— getting to bring out my flapper act (with improvements), and then sitting on the bench in the back with Billy (and then Penny, and Nichelle, and Titania, and) to watch some other truly gorgeous acts and scream our appreciation; Whedonesque rehearsal, which simultanously made me nervous and proud and excited and terrified and it’s gonna be so great; and finally, the first two rehearsals for Star Trek: the Sexed Generation, which is funny and campy and includes some truly fantastic space-dancing and a whole cast & crew of talent. Bluh. I am so lucky to be around so many talented people & then get to work with them…!

* &etc: a baby shower on Alki beach for Meghan, watching the waves, chatting to friends; a bridal shower for Kristen, with gifts and games and girl time; an interview with a YPP alum about their ongoing productions; making a video of maypole dancing at a bus stop dressed as pilgrims with Morgan (like we do); costuming with Erin, including making a muslin for the first time ever (and I call myself a costumer, pfft*) (*I do not actually call myself a costumer); fun tour groups and good chocolate; making Market friends; egg salad with herbs fresh from the garden; cheese; cider; those aforesaid fluffy cats, one of which is curled up on the bed I’m about to crawl into; two late evenings with the gentleman, amid all his tech rehearsals (I miss him lots right now), including giving him his birthday present of a ticket home to see family, with invaluable help from Roz, Scott, Phoebe, Samara, Mark, Matt, Andy, Rival, Gabriel, Sarah, & Keeter (you are all awesome).

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You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.
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The bride took her husband’s last name. The bride took her mother-in-law’s bracelet. The bride took six gold candlesticks from the reception hall. The bride took her sister’s dignity and her cousin’s eyes. The bride was last seen heading north.

The bride is keeping her last name but has forsaken all else. The bride no longer answers the phone after the sun goes down. The bride wears an eyepatch and stays indoors when it rains. The bride is giving away her earthly possessions on the front lawn of the wedding chapel every Sunday for the foreseeable future.

The bride is keeping her last name but has forgotten the rest of it. Started with an S, maybe. If found, please return to the bride.

The bride took everything, and now there’s nothing left for us.

The bride is keeping her name in a golden casket locked in a cave by the sea. The bride’s name is guarded by a beast with no eyes and three hearts. No man born in Christendom can find the cave; no man baptized in the name of Christ can defeat the beast; no man raised on free soil can open the casket. The man who finds her name will receive his heart’s desire.

What The Bride Took


I liked Slodwick’s design for this Welcome to Night Vale board game so much that I decided to make a fully playable physical version with a box, tray, and three dimensional pieces. (The box is made of plywood covered in a faux leather vinyl and felt.)

I changed up a few things like the color of the money (matching traditional Monopoly colors except for the $500 bill which I made purple) and the obelisk/pyramid buildings. Since these would have been too difficult for me to make out of wood, I made the obelisks condos (black cubes) and changed the pyramids back to hotels (like those you’d find in an original Monopoly game). For the game tokens, I attached Slodwick’s images onto a piece of PVC pipe (spray painted black) on top of a piece of felt. I also designed and wrote up my own instruction book to match Monopoly rules more closely while still keeping some of Slodwick’s Night Vale flavor.

As a finishing touch, I etched a Night Vale eye out of a brass plate, spray painted it black, and sanded the raised surface, giving it an interesting aged look. Overall, I think the project turned out quite well.

Here are some more pictures I took of the project.

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Selections from Tallmadge Doyle’s ethereal Celestial Mapping Series

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The sexual tension between two people when one of them says “make me”

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