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Native Seattleite, 28 years & continuing, makes theater and art and a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich. Industries include education admin, freelance editing, and being a magician's assistant. Pipistrella felix is a corruption of the Latin for "happy bat."

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Another fortnighter! I came off the latest nerdlesque show and have been full-tilt into new (to me) nerdy things without stopping, so, that’s half of this…

* Sexed Generation: ahh, what a show! Both nights of performances were so much fun; the audiences loved it (and made plenty of noise to say so); and I just enjoyed the hell out of it all, from the opening dance to the backstage shenanigans and all. Plus it’s reignited my love of watching Trek, which I am now doing nearly every night I have an extra hour to spare (or some mending to do, or etc). What a delight.

* Brunch + comics + ladies & allies + adorable dog + feminist-focused discussion of Rat Queens = fabulous morning, A+ will do again. 

* On that note: comic books, you guys: I am now devouring them. Rat Queens and Saga still hold the top titles for me, but I just ripped my way through the entire Y: The Last Man in about five days too. Am now accepting loans of any you have that you think I should read! 

* Emerald Downs! I went with Patrick and his parents, for the annual fluttering of cash at the ponies. I know next to nothing about betting and usually lose everything I came there to spend—my strategy is most often based on names I enjoy, and/or watching the horses in the paddock and choosing the one I think is prettiest—but it’s always a grand time. There was an Irish horse! And she was pretty. (Yes, I bet on her, and yes, she lost.)

* The Invisible Hand at ACT. This play, I just—it’s breathtaking.If you are near Seattle, get thee to the theater and see it. Seriously. Go. 

*& etc: naan bread, earl grey tea, honeycrisp apples, bacon n pancake cupcakes, potato waffles, cold cider, and avocados; waving at friends passing by downtown; walk-chatting up the hill with Brett; dance-cuddling with Samara; Miss Fisher marathon with Morgan (and our shared overwhelming frustadoration with Phyrne & Jack, I mean, ffs, KISS ALREADY); Cards Against at Meaghan’s birthday, with drinks outside on the patio and a ridiculous amount of jokes and laughter; happy hour at the Space Needle (so fancy!); enjoying my long hair for the last few days before it’s gone; sweaters and boots and rain, oh fall weather, I like you; and the gentleman, for all the things (xoxo). 

Some sparkle, some downtime, a lot of Indian food:

* Star Trek: the Sexed Generation — we open tonight! Last night was dress rehearsal, with a few tech hiccups but (as Jake reminded everyone) a wacky dress makes for an excellent opening night. And this show is so fun, you guys, and the cast and crew are all such wonderful people. So. Fun. (Plus Maggie McMuffin made my hair huge— like, huge, I had no idea I could get that big of a bouffant!)

*Girls’ Night — at Cozy’s house sitting place out in West Seattle. A ridiculous pug, burgers off the grill, veggies from the garden, several kinds of dessert, a whole lot of wine, and some truly excellent time spent catching up with Coz, Molly, and Catherine, three ladies who I do not see nearly enough as I’d like.
* &etc: Rainier Cherries planning (oh, such plans); Shakesbeerience meetings with Cozy and Patrick; cider on tap (anywhere, everywhere); hot glue; ripping apart an entire computer for parts for crafting (a really satisfying feeling); Peruvian cacao beans; Star Trek nail wraps (Espionage Cosmetics, you rock); that glorious rainstorm a few days ago— I love the sound of the rain pelting down, the cool breeze in the windows, and the smell of everything all fresh afterward; one cool night cuddling up in my down comforter; late-night snacks; Indian curry; Rachel’s ginger beer; glitter; starting to learn the Pike Place tour; my kickass Chocolate tour this morning; & finally: we found a new roommate!

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best goddamn cover I’ve heard so far

Fuck goddamn I love this so much I just want to have been the person who came up with the idea I LOVE IT JESUS FUCK COVERS OF MUSIC THAT GO IN OTHER DIRECTIONS ARE THE WHOLE REASON TO GET UP IN THE MORNING

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how can anyone not love space?

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Pictures by oer-wout. I really think he needs more credit. His work is beautiful, so why wouldn’t you credit him?

5 & 6 I just cant

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This… is basically all burlesque. It’s what my life is now. I do not regret it one bit. Also a few other things I adore:

* Whedonesque: the second weekend topped the first, and that final evening— good god, you guys, what an audience. Basically entirely sparkle-family in the house, such incredible energy. And then an afterparty of art and burlesque performances (Giles coming back for us, and a double-Spike act that felt like a Beatles concert because we were all screaming so hard at the edge of the stage) and so much dancing! And then a few of us came back the next day to scrub down the theater for strike and say goodbye. Oof. The glitter-crash was real with this one, for sure.

* ….more burlesque: Let’s be real, this was my whole week. I had really fun Sexed Generation rehearsals Monday and Wednesday; Tuesday Tease with Titania on, of all days, Tuesday (and that was delightful); and last night I did my flapper act for a RIOT fundraiser (thank you Leaf!). My life is full of sparkle-brain at the moment and I am so on board with that!

* & etc: happy hour with Philip and Katie, getting to catch up and hear about life plans (and not living in a ditch, hooray!); having all the scheduling puzzle pieces at work finally get figured out (I have a fall schedule for my teachers, YES); tea. earl grey. hot; watching Star Trek before I fall asleep every night (it’s research); BLT sandwiches from Pear Deli; getting Titania decked out in my clothes and makeup (from daily wear to glam in five minutes flat!); yam chips; excellent sequels to books I really liked (now where is the third one?!); having a sewing machine back again; & finally, my gentleman Buhmann, whose birthday it is today, and who is a fantastic human being who I love very much. Happy birthday, frogface!

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I am about to head off to meet Philip and Katie for happy hour (YAY), which would certainly be on this list if it had happened yet—so instead I’ll look forward to that, and then appreciate all these things from the past week:
* Whedonesque: there is something about a nerdlesque audience that I just adore— they are so ready to go on that journey with you from the get-go. And opening Whedonesque this weekend was so fabulous— both amazing audiences, the energy, everyone’s gorgeous performances, dorking about backstage, the huge celebratory cake, just… everything. Ugh, my heart. Three more times + an epic afterparty shindig; let’s go misbehave this weekend. 
*Star Trek: the Sexed Generation rehearsals— so much fun with choreography, character, silly jokes, everyone being amazing. I’m so pleased to know that I’m coming off Whedonesque this weekend and I have Star Trek there to catch me— I’m sure I’ll have post-show blues, but they’ll be much better than they would otherwise be. Plus the dancing. I just. It’s so fun, you guys. And the script is so funny.
* Drunk Movie Night: With Morgan, Kimble, Kali and Courtney-who-needs-a-twitter, eating delicious foods, drinking three varieties of wine, watching and snarking at a terrible movie, and then laughing far too hard over Ylvis videos. Ugh, I love these ladies. This was probably the last DMN in Seattle with Kimble for a while… but we are already making plans for one in Chicago. Sarah, watch out. 
* & also: the lovely performances (and that aurora light cue) in Almost, Maine; watching Urinetown (and the gorgeous lighting) with the gent; learning new theater games with the YPP teachers; goat cheese, green tea, salad greens, fran’s iced chocolate, lemonade, couscous, and crockpot chicken; the library; talking to Tiffany on the train— she walked up and started chatting, and we had a conversation the whole way on the light rail, and then I left—random friendly train moments are rare but lovely; the kittens, oh my gosh those kittens, it’s real hard to do anything useful when they’re around; and finally: the gentleman, for taking good care of me when I don’t feel well, making me midnight grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Star Trek before bed. You’re the best, mister. 
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This week’s list of things I love, as I low-level vibrate in excited nerves for Whedonesque opening tonight:

* Kittens: oh gosh, kittens, I just… Ahren brought home two kittens about a week ago, two tiny grey fuzzballs of total energy and utter sleepiness, depending on which second you catch them in. They’re twins, Edgar Ouija and Touch Focus, although I have generally just referred to them as “hello monsters” as that is apparently my pet name for creatures I adore. I want to spend all my time at the boys’ house playing with these little beasts. Last night Miss T fell asleep on the couch next to me while we were all watching &@, and I carefully slid her up onto my chest where she continued to sleep, and then I very carefully walked into the bedroom and laid down and she slept either on me or next to me for nearly the entire night and my heart just melted. Ugh. Kittens.

* Whedonesque: rehearsal, tech, backstage with all the lovely lovely burlesquers, watching the acts (so good, so so good, there is some seriously amazing stuff about to happen on stage you guys), Jennifer’s program notes that made me tear up (about fandom and what matters); I’m pretty freaking proud of my act for this, and I am so excited to put it up in front of an audience tonight. And a little nervous. But mostly really, really excited.

* Bainbridge Island: the gentleman and I had a date to Bainbridge (belatedly, a four-year anniversary date; four years?!). I love ferry rides with the sea smell and the hilarious gulls overhead and the views of the totally gorgeous Puget Sound; I love wandering new places and poking around and exploring. We took a bus (and a bit of a wander down a highway) to the Bloedel Reserve, which became an hour of wandering around beautifully tended nature, most of it the kind of lush northwest woods I grew up running around every time I visited my grandpa; there was a beautiful reflecting lake, a glen, a Japanese garden. We had a picnic back downtown on the waterfront, with delicious goat cheese, spitting cherry pits into the bushes. We found a yarn & tea shop (was that created for me?), where I refrained from buying tea but gave into buying yarn. We went wine tasting at Island Vintners, which I now want to revisit over & over: two flights each of delicious wine, which were poured by the owner Sharon—who also owned one of the two featured wineries— whenever we finished each glass and wanted to wander back inside from the adorable out-back patio; a cheese plate, and then Sharon’s friend arrived with two cakes, a red wine chocolate cake and a pear pie, that he dished up and served us. Basically it was a perfect leisurely afternoon of gentle tipsiness. We topped it off with Guardians of the Galaxy and a terribly late ferry ride home, and then getting caught in the summer storm downpour at midnight and getting drenched. Happy anniversary, frogface.

* &etc: 14/48 Outdoors, which I nominally worked as a front of house manager, but really just enjoyed the hell out of, as usual; sewing with Erin — we’re ready to move onto the real cloth out of the muslin at last!; Tassel Talk, as ever the best way to begin a Saturday; Emily’s Taming of the Shrew, which was excellent; happy hour and zoeyogurt date with Patrick; backyard fire pit time at the &@ house.

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A flexible rapier made during the 19th century in Toledo, Spain.

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girls don’t want boys. girls want well written female characters and a black widow movie


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